Thomas or Hopkins?

Which would you prefer and who would be the easier trade target? Hopkins is a round 1 pick with Thomas a R2 - but Hopkins is dealing with a foot injury.
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you want to get one of these or shop them?

Thomas is likely the easier player to target. You get WR1 upside without the price. Houston’s injury history scares me.

Looking to get one of them - looking to add a clear WR1 to my team.

Thomas for me

Owner of both Thomas and Hopkins is SUPER weak on RB - he has Lynch, White, and Mack…

Offered him Baldwin (he is a big Seahawks fan) and Thompson for Hopkins at the moment (thought he might be easier with the foot injury). Is this too soft an offer? Could bump the RB up to D. Freeman and shift an injured Baldwin to Jones Jr or Robinson.

Not close for me. Baldwin isn’t healthy likely won’t be all season.

Freeman and one of the WRs is more like it, but I’m probably still on the Hopkins side, slightly.

So something like Robinson + Freeman for Hopkins (or Thomas?)

That would leave me w/

  • Kamara, Thompson, Powell, and Lindsay at RB and,
  • Hopkins/Thomas (IF trade goes), Baldwin, Jones Jr, Edelman, Anderson, Benjamin
  • One spot for a WW pickup