Thomas or Mixon?

I’m considering trading away Michael Thomas for Joe Mixon any thoughts? I have Obj, Hopkins, Dez, Allen Robinson, Sammy Watkins at wr. But I really put alot of stock into the rookie rbs this year. Unfortunately I lost guice. Only other rbs I have is Sony Michael, penny, and karryon any advice?

I’d need a lot more than just Mixon

I’d do Robinson for Mixon. I’d need more for MT than just mixon

No way man. Doesn’t matter how desperate you are at RB, MT for Mixon straight up would be robbery. Granted you have literally 4 of the top 5-6 dynasty receivers, not sure how you got that, doesn’t mean you start selling them at a discount. You can easily MT + a shit load more for Mixon.

im a little surprised im not on the short end on this one. mixon is not worth MT. i would need more than that to make that trade. but you 100% should look into more RB talent. the only player im confident in week 1 is penny. thats not good.

Yea I agree. It’s my first dynasty team and I though I would have a better chance of drafting a really rookie running back. But oh well

it wasnt a bad stratagy for dynasty. the only thing that reall screwed you, just like any season can, is guice getting hurt. if he didnt i think you would have had your starters for the first 4 weeks, and then kerryon could have emerged by then. we all take risks at some point in the draft. yours just happened to have already bit you.