Thomas vs Bell

12 team PPR

Saquon, D Johnson, Montgomery, Hyde, Howard, Peterson

Julio, AJ Green, Auden Tate, Dede, McLauren

Kittle, H Henry

which would be the better upgrade for my team, Bell or Thomas?

Don’t see how you are getting either unless you give up DJ or Julio. If they are TE needy you can try Henry and McLaurin.

I just got Kupp for Henry and Chark, but Chark has been better than McLaurin, and Thomas is better than Kupp.

I’m not sure about Chark being better than Scary Terry. McLauren only has 16 less fantasy points this season (in my league) despite missing a week and playing the Pats. His average ppg is higher and has less competition for touches (Chark has Dede and Fournette). If he didn’t miss that one week against the Giants he’d be ahead of Chark so far.

Most people would rather have a receiver for the Jags than the Redskins. Like I said you can try McLaurin and Henry for one of those guys but don’t think either will take it. Particularly the Bell owner since they are losing an RB1 and not getting any running back depth back. Most teams don’t have the RB depth to do that.

True, the teams/reputation plays a part.

The Bell owner I’d offer Terry, plus a RB (Hyde or Monty), since he’s a little thin at WR. Also banking on Bell being not that great the last 4 weeks (10, bye, 15, 12). Hyde has actually outscored Bell the last 3 games played.

Thomas has the name recognition, but is only scoring 3 points more per week average than McLauren. Couple a 10+ point per week RB to a RB needy team, seems reasonable to me.

Throw in Henry to either trade (since I have Kittle and they both could use a TE upgrade) and both offers I think become legit

I think I have reasonable offers to either team, based on needs, at this point I’m just wondering which player is a better fit/upgrade for my team

I’m leaning more Thomas, becuse then I have 2 WR1s (Julio + Thomas) and 2 RB1s (Saquon and DJ). Whereas with Bell I’m getting 3 RB1s but only 1 WR1