Thompson, Hyde or Jame white?

Who should I start between these theee in a full point PPR league: Chris Thompson, James white or Carlos Hyde, please help!!

start Hyde

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Hyde. Not even close.

Really? Would you mind telling me your reasoning?


Sole fact Hyde is a starter and going to get plenty of reps running and receiving out the back field. Tyrod hits his Rb’s in the passing game and Hyde was running good in pre-season. White is going to be used in the passing game in NE but still isn’t the starter.

This is tough, I think it’s a lot closer than the others before me. I would rule thompson out just because of his uncertain status for this week.

I think that hyde is a safer play because he will be the starter and probably get the goalline work. James white could be eating a lot of catches and this certainly helps in full ppr, but I think you go with the more guaranteed option here.

  1. Hyde is clear starter and will get more carries and just as many receptions as Thompson or White.
  2. Steeler’s defense is the worst of them all.

I see your point thanks a lot this definitely helped

Thanks guys all this helped me I’m going Hyde :slight_smile: