Thought on this PPR Trade?

In 1st so trying to position myself for a playoff run, I will list my roster below the trade.

Thoughts on this trade I just made:

Gave: Singletary, John Brown, Josh Gordon
Received: Keenan Allen, Royce Freeman

My (Updated) Roster:
QB: Lamar
RB: Saquon, Cook, Michel, Mattison, R.Freeman
WR: Kupp, Keenan, Crowder, Emmanuel Sanders, Fuller V, AJ Green
TE: Kelce, Hollister (for Kelce’s BYE)
K: Empty right now.

STEAL nice work

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Thanks man

Im assuming redraft so singletarys ceiling is capped by his schedule and you definitely upgraded at WR by giving basically a throw away in josh gordon and John Brown (also tough schedule) for Keenan whose ceiling is always through the roof and i think hes doing his usual end of season pick up.

That’s exactly my thinking, hated Singletary and Brown’s remaining schedule, have too many WRs to keep holding onto a WR who will hopefully be relevant at some point in Gordon so I figured I had to pull the trigger for Keenan and his remaining schedule, which is nice.

And of course theres Freeman who i had to drop but hes the best handcuff in the league based on his standalone value and if Lindsey went down hed be a locked in RB1 ROS due to usage and schedule so its a win for you.

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