Thought on trade

What’s good everyone,

I want to propose a trade to this guy in my league.

I want to give up David Johnson and Tyreek Hill for James White and Steffon Diggs or Robert Woods.

What are your thoughts? I love Tyreek and all but I need a more consistent WR and RB.

Current Roster:
QB: Watson and Wentz
RB: DJ, CMC, Chris Thompson
WR: Tyreek, Allen Robinson, Geronimo Allison, Djax, Amari Cooper
TE: Evan Engram

Let me know what you guys think! Just want to get a more consistent roster

If you can get woods, I would say go for it! Diggs is just too iffy I think and woods has more consistent targets.

You think it’s fair though? Or is one person giving up more than the other?

I would try and hold onto Hill just because they are on such a roll and he continues to put up solid points. Are you looking to increase RB or WR value? Or are you just trying to switch things up?

Trying to increase WR value is the goal for right now. But more importantly just want consistent points instead of random high ceiling weeks.

I would keep hill and try to package something for woods. Maybe toss Robinson or cooper for him with DJ. See if you could get something else with woods.

James White for David Johnson is a big win for you if you can pull it off unless firing McCoy turns everything around and we start seeing the Mutant of old.

I’m assuming this is some sort of PPR form?

Yeah this is .5 PPR. The dude is gonna think about it so we’ll see!