Thoughts? 0.5 Point PPR Trade


I’d be giving:

David Johnson
Cooper Kupp

I’d be receiving:

Allen Robinson
AJ Brown

My current RBs and WRs are:
RB: Chubb, J.Taylor, David Johnson and Kareem Hunt

WR: DK Metcalf, Coop Kupp, B.Cooks, Anthony Miller

What do y’all think?

I personally would prefer the depth at RB over lots of WRs. David Johnson is gonna be your best RB due to the Cleveland timeshare I think unless Jonathan Taylor explodes now that Mack is done. DJ is a pass catcher as well so he is super valuable.

I personally rank Johnson as my RB3 behind Chubb and J.Taylor so that’s why I’m strongly considering this trade. Definitely a tough one to think about. Thanks for weighing in!

I have Jonathan Taylor in one of my leagues so I hope he breaks out. That one is tough though. I would follow the Allen Robinson drama before pulling the trigger. I hear he is asking to be traded.