Thoughts and Opinions?

A few points of interest:
-QB Flea Market picked 5 QBs starting in round 2 after his first pick was auto pick David Johnson and has not set a lineup since week 1.
-I’m the only team with a logo and it bothers me every week.
-It’s a .3 PPR League, and Passing TDs are 4 points every other TD is 6
-Everyone has a chance to make the playoffs (except the 1-9 teams) and no one has clinched anything till after week 12 for the first time in my 6 years of Fantasy football.

So I’m Run CMC and currently locking down 1st that I had fought my way back after falling to 3rd two weeks ago. This is strangely the most competitive league I’ve ever been in while also having the least communication among owners. Anywho, My team was auto drafted cause I didn’t know when the draft was and the first thing I did was trade Newton for Watson just out of personal preference for QB’s I made that trade in Week 2. Then in Week 3 I traded Hyde and Connor for Will Fuller and after 7 weeks I got the short end of that stick. I’ve tried to make trades since then but no one in the league seems to be interested in my plethora of RBs. I’m confident with the RBs too but the WRs are where I have the most trouble and overall just looking for any ideas to try to get ready for the playoffs in week 14. I feel like I’m stuck at a point where I’m waiting for my WRs to come through and become a steady WR1 or WR2 week in and week out moving forward. There could be talks between me and Kerryon my Wayward Son as hes expressed interest in possibly trading juju or Robert Woods but I know that comes at a premium of losing either zeke or mccaffery both of which I’ve grown attached to as they’re the reason I’m 7-3 They repeatedly put the rest of the team on their backs. I enjoy feedback so hit me with everything you guys got this is actually my first post here so Hello Everyone!