Thoughts Charles clay owner

I’m looking for options of what to do to replace Charles clay and who I should go weather free agent or trade who would be a TE you would go aggressively I got plenty of RBS im willing to package them off too

I’d say ASJ would prob be your best bet if he’s still available in your league.

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And I had Clay as well. I’ve also got Rudolph which I’m holding onto for now, since it looks like he might be picking back up with his production. But the way players are dropping left and right and with byes now, I’m usually wanting to be ready with a B/U and not have to fight everybody else come WW Tue.

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That’s what I was thinking I got offers from gronk to hunter Henry but gronk is health concern for me really to rely on given the fact I might have to give more then I bargain for but Henry I only have to give up clay who’s out for a month o more and Ryan when I have Watson who’s hot hand I’m riding and I’ll get stafford in return

Also I am picking up asj in case of back I wish it could ed Dickson but it’s too early