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Thoughts/Concerns on Elliot


(Quick backround, I am in a .5PPR 10 Person League)
So with the NFLs rebuttal looming, I am starting to sweat a bit about Elliot. Obviously if the trial on the 2nd goes the NFLs way I would be out Elliot till Week 12, so in time for our short playoffs in Weeks 14 and 15.
Luckily for me my league was very weary on Elliot so I got him at the end of the 3rd and still ended up with D. Freeman and Cook as my other 2 main RBs. The issue arises that beyond those 3 I have Cohen and just snagged McFadden as a handcuff.
So what is everyone’s thoughts and consensus on Elliot? Should I be holding him or exploring trade options?