Thoughts on 12th pick?

PPR league, 12th pick. What do you guys think of taking 2 stud receivers and grabbing your RB1 3rd or 4th round? Also, who are some players you think would still be there that can be a viable rb1?

i hate the idea honestly. ADP for PPR would have you taking fournette and dalvin cook at the turn. if you do that at the turn of the 3rd to 4th, its alex collins and jay ajayi. bleh. your talent pool for WRs do go down with taking fournette and cook, but its not like it goes down with if you took OBJ and michael thomas for example and had to choose between a bunch of ? RBs. i did play around with an idea a month or so ago where i would just draft WR heavy first 4 rounds or so, and then take rookie running backs. it worked out really well, and besides having no real clue how any of them would do in their new systems, i had a lot of good potential. but, as it always does… rookies start creeping up ADPs. where i was taking penny in the 6th 7th round, now he is a 4th round guy. mark my words, he will end up a 3rd rounder before long. same can be said about guice who might make it to the second round. point being, as the season gets closer the RB panic will set in. and people will start reaching more and more for players. thats why at the turn like that, if you can get a fournette and cook, which would not be a reach at all, then you are set. let everyone else panic and start reaching. then scoop up the fantastic WRs that start dropping to you.

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Yea ive been playing around with it and i honestly hate the RBs at the 3/4 turn. I just feel like I could get julio and keenan with first 2 picks and that is a nasty duo. But Im going to try 2RBs first and see what kind of WRs Ill be looking at at 3/4. Thanks for your input.