Thoughts on a big trade

What’s up guys. I sent this trade out earlier today and wasn’t sure if it was gonna go or not, but to my surprise I just saw that it did.

I sent over

Jordan Howard
Amari Cooper
Josh Gordon


Mike Evans
Kareem Hunt

Just wanted some opinions either way.

I like all of the players involved so I don’t feel too strongly one or the other but I feel like it’s a fairly even trade. Just wanted some other opinions. The league is a full PPR- 1 player first round keeper league.


I like it and think you got the better end of the deal… well done!

Thanks! Hopefully it works out

I think you’re the winner of this trade too. I made a trade for Evans before my deadline too. Let’s hope Fitzy targets him like Winston does!

Was Cooper your best WR? If so, then a great trade.

I’ve been starting him with Alshon Jeffery the past month or so.