Thoughts on a pre draft trade

Okay so I am in a 12 team .5 ppr league. I have the 3rd overall pick.

So recently in my mock drafts I have been always starting with David Johnson 3rd. Then in the second I am usually looking at grabbing mckinnon unless AJ or Davante adams is there (usually they are not) then with the turn I take someone like TY Hilton and with my fourth round pick im looking at more recievers, none of which i am high on (golden tate, marvin jones, josh gordon, landry) . However, I am not a huge fan of the late fourth round pick. I would rather wait to grab someone by the likes of: Doug Baldwin, Amari Cooper, Larry Fitz, Demaryious thomas, or allen robinson.

So I have been proposed this trade. I would trade away my early third and late fourth (27th and 46th overall) to receive a late 3rd and early 4th (34th and 39th)

If I were to do this trade I would probably start with DJ and a player like Devonte freeman or mckinnon then grab two of the recievers i mentioned earlier (Baldwin, cooper, fitz, DT, Allen Robinson.

Do you think it is worth making this trade? I am drafting on espn and in most of the mock drafts this is how the picks kind of line up. would DJ, Mckinnon, Baldwin/fitz and cooper be a solid start to my draft or would you prefer: DJ, Mckinnon, TY, and Golden tate. I have seen TY fall sometimes to the late third which I think is a nice value. I am just looking for opininons. any advice is useful. Thanks in advance.

any thoughts?