Thoughts on a trade - Dynasty

I just traded away Clement and a 2nd round pick (I had two) to receive Geronimo Allison

RB depth: Gurley, Mixon, Kerryon, Drake, Ito, Guice
WR depth: M. Thomas, JuJu, Allison, Godwin, T. Gabriel, Snead, Callaway, Sutton, Tre’quan Smith, A. Miller, Enunwa (have a ton of WRs, but was in need of another solid reliable WR behind Thomas and JuJu to make a run for it this year)

We also start two flexes (RB/WR/TE) rather than just one.

Beneficial trade for both of us given our rosters, just want to make sure I didn’t pay too much for him.

I think it is a fine trade for you. I would rather take a chance on a Arron Rodgers WR than an Eagles RB at this point. Furthermore, with Ito and Guice to backup Gurley and Mixon, you are pretty solid at RB. Drake hopefully can get the backfield to himself next season and if that is the case, Clement is expendable.

Don’t forget about Kerryon to backup Gurley and Mixon too :wink: Big reason why I was fine giving away Clement haha.

Totally skipped right over him my apologies. Even more of a reason for it being a good trade for you.