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Thoughts on a trade in my league


My league commish just traded Todd Gurley, Allen Robinson and Jamison Crowder for Keenan Allen, JuJu, and Royce Freeman what are thoughts on this trade? both teams were 2-2 and my league is calling for us to veto (which I won’t) but does this trade look as stupid as I think it is?


Horrible trade


I literally want to quit because of it lmao I offered him a way better trade from Gurley


not horrible but not one I would make if i were the gurley owner. hes getting two every week starters in JuJu and Keenan while only really giving up Gurley. I think Arob is only a flex consideration week to week and crowder is droppable in most leagues


Is Keenan an every week starter tho? and Gurley can outscore both any given week haha Idk maybe I’m just hating but I sent a better deal


I guess is depends on the scoring format. in any PPR i still think he is, despite his slow start. Chargers offense is rolling and its only a matter of time before keenan is fed like he was last year


I wouldn’t veto this. But to justify it the guy only really gives up gurley and adds two locked in starting WRs. If he had decent rb depth then I can see his viewpoint


yea it’s PPR, I’m def not going to veto and he has terrible depth at RB


It would really depend on the rest of their roster. Who did the Gurley owner have in the way of RB and WR before the trade.For instance If he went all rb first 4-5 rounds he might have gotten Gurley, Mixon, Howard, Hyde, Ingram but just having fringe WR2 WR3 guys on his roster. In that case the trade makes reasonable sense to me


I don’t have access to my app but from what I remember his backs were Alex Collins, Aaron Jones, and Powell and that was it