Thoughts on a trade situation

Morning to all,

So to start it off I was trying to do a 3 way trade. In the beginning I thought I had all parties agreed on and proceed forward. The trade was to the first guy where I traded CMC for James Connor who is a 10rd keeper. Once I had acquired him I was trading him to the other party who has Zeke. The team with zeke is 0-4 with no good keepers so when I was ready to make the deal he then added at the last minute he wanted draft picks as well. I went as high as my 5th pick but he still refused after he told he would do the trade. So my question to all is should the second party(zeke) be accountable to follow through with the trade or should the commissioner get involved in review the situation? Also if it matters the first party is the commissioner.

Looking forward to feedback.

was the deal agreed upon in writing anywhere (email, text message board)? if you have written proof I would show it to the commissioner and probably the whole league to shame him into going back to the deal.

If it is just a vocal agreement it might be hard to get anything done.

Even if nothing comes of it, if everyone else in the league knows he doesn’t live up to his agreements then he likely wont ever get another good trade offer and he sunk his own team.

There are texts message between me and the zeke party. The commissioner was apart of the deal. He knew about this deal and what needed to happen.