Thoughts on Alex Collins

Hey Footclan, I drafted Alex Collins in my dynasty draft. First time in a dynasty league and not sure of Collins value. Any input is helpful thanks.

I just traded away Collins for Dez Bryant in a league. Jury is still out whether that will prove a good trade or not (for either of us). He is a middle value RB. A great depth piece. Helped me win a championship last year. But I think he is a good candidate to trade away for a more valuable piece.

What round did you draft him in?

I believe the 4th round. With Kenneth Dixen I’m worried he will lose the starting job.

Def a possibility.

Saw this post on twitter that gave me a little confidence.

But I used that to move him. I don’t think you will ever be confident on who will be the Ravens starting RB. If your waiting for confidence, move Collins before there is new on Dixen or they draft someone.

Trading Collins for dez is a horrible trade if u r the one getting dez. I think Collins will be a good rb2, finish around 11-15 for rbs.

The ranks below are not my personal ranks of these players, just used for discussion. You would put Collins above Freeman, Mixon, Howard, Ingram, or Henry? (Not questioning your opinion - you are entitled to it. Just looking for discussion.)

Ranks from FantasyPros