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Thoughts on Ameer Abdullah this year


I have to choose between him and Gilly to keep (I’m happy to explain keeper rules if needed). 1/2 Ppr 10 man, very competitive league.


ALL ABOARRRRRRD…the Abudllah Express.


Gillislee has higher upside. Riddick will steal opportunities and Abdullah is yet to prove he can stay healthy.


It’s Gillislee for me, Detroit backfield looks cloudy this year.


No way does Gillislee have more upside. He’s the safer option but Abdullah has top 10 upside


But you don’t think New England’s backfield is cloudy?


Go with Abdullah. Gillislee is one of 6 running backs in New England


Lions backfield is cloudier than New England’s. Plus, lions are a pass first offense that hasn’t had a top 10 running back since Barry.


And Gilly will have more opportunities to score… just ask Blount


If I had to give an answer right now it’s Gillislee. I would like to see some preseason / OTA’s etc before making the final call if possible.


Great, thanks! Tough call for me


I agree with this. People expect Gilislee to have 18 touchdowns because he is taking over Blount role, but Blount wasn’t a fantasy stud until last year. It was an outlier. Gilislee is safer because of the touchdowns and the offense he is in, but Abdullah has the upside of early down role plus some passing game. Still would take Gilislee personally though for the safety. Offense supports multiple backs better than the Lions does.


The only cloudy situation in Detroit is Abdullahs health. He showed clearly he was the best back on their team when healthy and the team showed a commitment to him. In New England, there’s Gillislee, White, Lewis, and Burkhead


Preface: I’m a Lions fan, so I’m biased.

I’ve watched and broken down a ton of AA film, both from college and from his limited NFL time, and I am a HUGE AA truther. People often view him as less than a bellcow back, but looking back to his time in Nebraska:

From his sophomore year through his senior year, he averaged 257 carries per year… in just 13 games. Which comes to just about 20 carries per game lol.
Over the course of an NFL season, that would come out to 316 carries, or a true bell cow
And he did all that without injury, with high efficiency 6+ yards per carry, and in a good conference

Brace yourself for a hot take :fire::
I feel confident even more so now that if he doesn’t get unlucky with an injury, he could easily get well over 200 carries in 2017 and surpass 1000 yards


I’m from Nebraska and watched him play all through college. He’s definitely talented, and a better pass catcher than people realize. Hoping this is his year. My thoughts: I like Ameers talent, but Gilly might be in better system. Hopefully lions o line improvements give Ameer a chance to prove his 3rd round draft talent.


Having watched him in college, wasn’t he a pretty solid back from a health standpoint throughout his career there?


Never missed a game, never got hurt and was a bellcow his senior year. He straight up won us a few games. Go watch his highlights - his jump cuts are so smooth. Hope the best for jim.


Oh yea, I’ve seen some cut ups that I really liked, but so many people are slapping him with the “injury prone” label and I think he played his whole rookie season so on top of this consistency in college I just don’t get that