Thoughts on Barkley at the 7 spot in PPR?

Likely that CMC, Cook, Henry, Kamara, and Zeke go 1-5 in some order. Would prefer to get Aaron Jones at 7 but I’m trying to prepare in the event that Jones is taken at 6. Thoughts on Barkley? Fairly certain he’ll be active Week 1, but surely won’t receive a full workload. Even before getting hurt last year he was off to a terrible start on the ground. PPR does help his case a little however

I don’t think he’s any worse of a pick than any of your other options–Chubb… Ekeler? A WR or TE? None of them are really sure things, but Barkley has top 5 pick upside.

Totally agree. I think I still prefer him to Ekeler, Chubb, Taylor, etc because the upside is there. I normally prefer to wait a little on WR if possible since RBs are drafted aggressively in our league and there’s usually value at WR in the draft. Almost always draft TE late