Thoughts on Bell trade?

In my 12 team standard league team (two keepers) the Bell owner has put him on the market.

My current roster is stacked at WR with Brown, M Thomas (my keeper), Ty Hilton (my flex) and a bench of Benjamin, Locket and Mike Williams. My RB strong with J Howard (keeper), J Williams, Chubb, Penny, Breida, Gillislie and Connors. I also have Gronk and Newton.

My first instinct is to offer him Bell for Howard and his choice of my bench receivers.

How many of you would consider this an insulting offer. As the Connors owner I feel the risk is mitigated for me where as every other team is risking loosing a #1 RB if Bell sits.

Howard + Bench receiver is a pretty insulting offer cause your bench receivers are barely worth rostering.

But I mean, I’ve seen some crazy stuff go down today so doesn’t hurt to try.

I mean you have to consider Bell will be a lead back somewhere else next year, hell maybe even this year at this rate. I think you might need to up that a little in my opinion. I am a bell owner and I am looking to shop him but I am looking for much more than that and that league is not a keeper league