Thoughts On Big Trade I Got Offered?

So I’m in a 2 QB, RB, FLEX and 3 WR league that’s a .5 PPR.

I got offered Matt Ryan & Julio Jones for Kirk Cousins, AJ Green & Alshon Jeffery.

My other QB’s are Mitch Trubisky & Case Keenum (going to replace him with Baker Mayfield if I win the bid)

My other WR’s are Mike Evans, Stefon Diggs, Amari Cooper & Geronimo Allison.

What do you guys think? Take the trade? Pass on it? Look forward to hearing your input!


To clarify - you’d be receiving Ryan/Julio?

Yes, sorry I didn’t specify that.

Pass. Green is off to a monster start and Julio’s value is trending down. You can get more for your players in a trade.

I would take into consideration what QB’s are available to be streamed every week pretty regularly in your league as well. (How active is the league/do they let a few good options sit on the waivers every week/etc.)


These are the QBs that are available on waivers.

Also my league is +6 for all TD’s and -4 for all turnovers.

Ehhh yeah definitely hope you get Baker not much there. But I think I might agree with Hazel11 from above maybe try and see what other value you can get first. I don’t see any true BIG improvement here for you personally.

Any suggestions on how much FAAB to spend on Baker?

I don’t have any percentages in mind but I wouldn’t go high by any means. Still gotta pump the brakes a little considering it was only one half against the Jets.

Yeah don’t do this trade right now or figure out a better deal for you. You don’t really benefit from this. Ryan will come back down to just 20 or so points on average. Julio is going to be himself - do all the work getting the ball to the 1 yard line every drive, and then let somebody else score. I actually would start AJ Green over Julio if I had to choose only 1 right now, depending on the match up. Alshon is going to come back probably for the next game, or that’s the rumor at least, and he’ll start getting all his chances with Wentz as soon as he gets out there. This person is trying to take advantage of your down week, wisely. But be wiser and don’t let him! You have a lot of trade bait going forward to upgrade your 2nd QB or anything else you need.

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