Thoughts on Colts tonight?

Right now have Luck and Ebron going, how do you guys feel about them tonight? Moreso Luck because I could drop Chris Hogan for Dalton (tomorrow / who I just dropped ), Bortles or Alex Smith ( playing the Saints ).

Ebron I think I am ok with because fantasy is a wasteland at the position and with everyone out, who else is Luck going to trust other than Hines and Ebron.

I’m okay with Luck but I’d much rather go Dalton. His matchup this week is the dolphins, then he has Pitt and KC back to back. Love those matchups. I almost picked him up last week but I’m riding the Matt Ryan train at the moment

As long as Doyle is out, I’d gladly play Ebron.

Yeah, I think I am just mostly hesitant because I picked up Dalton last week and while he had a good game, Luck had a great fantasy game on my bench. Still won but it was closer than it should have been.

I got great grief over not playing J. Brown last week. I had him in my flex all week. Right before the games started Sunday I saw Carson was out and decided to roll the dice with Penny. He did shit. Brown scored 19 and I lost by 16. I was very disappointed.

As for Luck/Dalton this week, both could be great and I understand your hesitancy… I only like Dalton for his upcoming schedule but I honestly haven’t even looked at Indy’s because I don’t have any colts I plan on playing anytime soon.

Well my thoughts now, I love Ebron.

54 points from the stack tonight. Great way to start the week.

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