Thoughts on Conner?

IF Conner does play is anyone nervous starting him and how he’ll perform?? I know hes a beast but I am literally neck and neck with my opponent for the championship and him coming off his injury makes me nervous. Other RB I have are Jamaal Williams, David Johnson & Damien Williams. Should I just keep Conner on the bench or start him? Any feedback is MUCH appreciated!

Starting Trubisky (or Allen havent decided yet), Lockett & Tyreek Hill @ WR and Kelce at TE. PPR league


I’m in the same position. He didn’t practice today and even said he’s not ready yet. Tomorrow will be a better judgement if he even plays. But I’m scared to start him if he does play. I also have samuels but I have him in my te spot.

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Yeah I JUST got the update saying he’s still not ready to play week 16…part of me hates that, but the other part of me is happy I dont have to stress over what to do!:joy:


Me too my friend. If he plays he has to be in your lineup. And that means samuels for me won’t play so I’d have to find a te. Good luck

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