Thoughts on Corey Davis - Dynasty

What’s everyone’s thoughts on Corey Davis in dynasty? Would you be comfortable having him as your WR2? WR3? Would you trade his upside for lower tier WRs where you know what they’ll give you (maybe something like Davis for Lockett/Fuller/Godwin/Williams)?

I love Davis’s talent, but am not confident in Mariota and the Titans offense in general. Get at it footclan.

I would 100% not be comfortable with Davis as my WR2 going into 2019. He and the Titans are the antithesis of consistency. Despite this, I do think he is a possible breakout candidate. But I want that as my teams WR4/5.

I really like Godwin and Williams as team WR3s. They have both displayed talent and have the potential for larger opportunities in 2019. If you can trade for either and a piece? I might consider it.

I’m assuming you are rebuilding if Davis is your team WR2? or do you consider yourself a contender?

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No, not in rebuild mode and Davis is not my WR2. I was the 1 seed for the majority of last year, ended the 2 seed, but lost in the 2nd round of the playoffs because Gordon and Hunt were my RBs…haha.

I agree with not wanting Davis as my WR2, he’s currently my WR3/4 along with Landry and behind Adams and Hill. Yeah I’m considering moving him for someone like Mike Williams or Godwin or Fuller or Lockett…just not sure what to ask for as a package. Of those 4 WRs…how would you rank them?

Current Roster:

QB: Newton, Mayfield, Foles, Flacco, Smith, McCoy
RB: Gordon, Mixon, White, Burkhead, Dixon, McGuire, Ekeler, Thompson, Wilkins, Booker, Buck Allen, Boston Scott
WR: Adams, Hill, Landry, Davis, Reynolds, Sherfield
TE: Kelce, Brate, RSJ, Ian Thomas, Jonnu Smith
DST: Redskins

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Def a contending team.

I would rank those WR:
Mike Williams
Chris Godwin
Will Fuller*
Tyler Lockett

*I’ve noticed that Fuller has been falling in Best Ball drafts and ignored on recent podcasts. I think he’s an interesting asset (boom or bust) that is being ignored… unless there is news I’m missing on him? It seems his value has fallen and therefore I don’t expect to pay the same for him.

Maybe ask for Williams and Fuller or Godwin and Fuller?

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i agree with @fun4willis. my WR4 is ideal. there is a world where the titans draft a WR1 or a WR2 and i think that would make his value go up. he needs help because D coordinators know they can just double team him, then who will they throw to? there is a world where he can be a top end WR2, but i have him as a WR3 right now with upside.

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Hi @getmadboy

I’m a titans fan so I’m pretty familiar with the way the season played out. I think right now he’s a WR3 in fantasy but has big upside. I wouldn’t trade him because I know his target share was very high and I think Arthur Smith is good for Mariota (he’s been on staff the whole time) . We aren’t changing the language in the offense, Smith was our TE coach and he was taking practice squad guys and they were putting up stats .Corey would of broke 1k yards and 6-8 scores if there was any consistency in the passing game. Also remember his best game when Mariota was healthy was against Stephen Gilmore. We will also be getting Delanie back and if we add a deep threat (maybe D jax John Brown) and draft a WR it will totally change the offense.

Also keep an eye out to see if we add a guard or move Conklin to guard, that should help negate the interior pressure.

As far as your team goes you could probably try and package Corey and Jarvis or Corey and White to try and get a player in the next tier. Maybe a Wr 10-12. If you would trade Mixon that could probably work . Foles will have some value too. I’d rank them Corey (potential and targets) if you believe in Mariota. Williams (looked good in playoffs) Fuller (the perfect wr3 because he can win a week) Lockett (consistent) Goodwin (looks to get a bump w/ Arians.

Hope it helps -CJ