Thoughts on David Johnson?

What do you guys think about David Johnson? I’m thinking of trying to buy low since the first 2 weeks arent looking so good. However Arizona looks like a mess. Do you guys think I should just avoid him completely? Owner said he is open to trades for him.

Try to trade him for a top 8 RB. He’s playing on a bad team with a bad defense and a bad offensive line. Not a good formula for 20+ touches a game.

He was asking if he should trade for David Johnson, not trade him away. I think it depends on what you’d have to give up

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Oh I just skimmed it. I wouldn’t do it. He’s had two good games and you’d have to give up too much for him.

I say you wait. It’s only week 3. There will be some changes in the team along the way specially when QB Rosen kicks in.

I am a dj owner, should I try and move him for Kareem Hunt ?