Thoughts on David Johnson

What are the foot clans thoughts on David Johnson ROS? Do we think this is his floor and he has nowhere to go but up? Or is this is for what seems like a lackluster Arizona offense? What impact might Rosen have on things? Is he a hold or do you try to trade him on his name and potential for someone with a lower ceiling but solid floor?

He is simply a hold moving forward. If he puts together 2-3 solid games, you can try selling him at that point.

If BP sold their company after the oil spill, it would have been pennies on the dollar. You have to clean up the mess first.

I personally think he has a good 13-20 point floor every week and limited upside. Let’s see what happens.

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I think DJ is kind of a stuck player. It’s going to take 2-3 weeks with Rosen to see if his value changes, at which point many teams won’t want to be moving players. And I really think he can be better than he’s been but I don’t think it’s amazing. IMO DJ is just going to be a 12-16pt RB, he won’t be dominating, but he won’t lose you a week.