Thoughts on Defense Draft Strategy

12 Team PPR League with 2 Flex and 5 Bench Spots

I am thinking about drafting both the Miami Dolphins Defense and New England Patriots Defense and alternating between playing them for the first 7 weeks. Hear me out.

Both defenses are highly capable defenses with a lot of ability to get turnovers. For the most part during Weeks 2 - 7, one has a favorable matchup when the other has a pretty bad match-up, and it could be a coin toss for their Week 1 matchup (but leaning towards Dolphins because of the rookie quarterback). They are also both defenses that are also typically available late in the draft.

Do you think there is any value to drafting both of these defenses at the end of a draft and not having to deal with the hassle of FAAB to stream defenses during the first 7 weeks? I have bolded the games in which I would play each defense.

Dolphins Schedule
Week 1: Patriots
Week 2: Bills
Week 3: Raiders
Week 4: Colts
Week 5: Buccaneers
Week 6: Jaguars
Week 7: Falcons

Patriots Schedule
Week 1: Dolphins
Week 2: Jets
Week 3: Saints
Week 4: Buccaneers
Week 5: Texans
Week 6: Cowboys
Week 7: Jets

defense and kicker are always a wait until the last 2 rounds thing for me. and i would never draft 2 defenses or 2 kickers.

skill position players are too valuable. it makes more sense to take a flier on a high upside guy, or even take a high floor guy to fill out depth, than it does to take an additional defense when you could get a defense of similar quality on the waiver wire whenever you need it.

fantasy football is all about value. you have to understand what will be available on your waiver wire during the season. it will be very hard for you to find a diamond in the rough rb or wr on waivers, but you can easily find a solid defense with a good matchup. so prioritize your draft accordingly. draft the extra rb or wr and save the extra defense for the waivers.

Yeah, the Patriots should be a top 5 defense, so I’d probly just roll with them, but if you want to play matchups, just go ahead and stream from the waiver wire, rather than stockpiling Ds to stream from.