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Thoughts on DeMarco Murray?


My fellow owners! What are y’all doin? Selling? Holding? WTF this was not supposed to happen! I drafted David Johnson and DeMarco, thought I’d be sittin comfy!


Just have to hold tight, won’t be able to get anything on the trade market right now.


@Rob43 is probably right… I’m trying to bundle him with another depth piece to try to get one of these young up and comers. Not sure it’ll work though.


I wouldn’t judge how the season is going to play out just based off of the past two weeks. DeMarco Murray has been dealing with a minor hamstring injury and that’s the main reason Mularky held him out the second half. The Titans had control of the game so they didn’t want to risk making Murray’s injury worse. I would hang on to him and just wait for him to get back to 100% because once he’s fully healthy I believe he’ll go back to being a RB1. Any body have any other information on his status that I might not know about? Thanks