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Thoughts on Dixon and Martin?


Just curious on people’s current thoughts on the two suspended RBs in fantasy redraft leagues. At their current ADPs (Martin 4.09 Dixon 8.07 in standard/5.04 and 9.03 in PPR) who do you think has more upside? Avoiding either or both situations?


I’ve been trying to trade for Martin but I’m not willing to overpay since I have no idea what Tampa Bay will do with him


I really like Dixon’s value especially for the 2nd half of the season if West gets worn down or injured. Martin on the other hand…idk if I like where he’s going or not. If he is the Muscle Hamster again and takes over that backfield, then sure. If not, and I say it’s an uphill battle to get there, then I don’t think he’s worth a 4th or 5th round pick. Too big of a risk when there’s plenty of solid players on the board still.


I like both, but Dixon has Old reliable Danny woodhead behind him. I still would rather spend for Martin if given the choice


I want to say Martin, a 4th round is pretty rich for me however we could think of the potential of him playing else where like say…INDY? If this is not a dynasty then I’d use my 4th on someone else and take the shot at Dixon.