Thoughts on DJ Moore with Kyle Allen at QB

Title says it all. In the first 2 games of the season, Moore has been peppered with targets from Cam despite him clearly struggling at making throws. Do you think Allen improves Moore’s stock? Are we more likely to see Moore finally truly breakout, or does this devalue him?

He was my WR2/Flex and now have him benched in favor of Hollywood. Wondering if it’s time to flip him

The whole panthers offense looks rough rn. I would definitely hold on to him though

Hell I’m considering even trying to flip McCaffrey for Zeke


Pretty sure Moore and Samuel each had a decent outing in Week 17 last year when Allen got the start.

You’re right to bench him for the time being, but I doubt you’re going to get anything close to value if you’re selling him. He’s a “distressed asset” rn.

Keep in mind that one of the reasons Moore was late WR2 in drafts was because Cam isn’t known as a prolific passer (plus Samuel looming). If Allen can do the same as, or better than, Cam at delivering strikes, Moore may give you the same value you drafted him at.

If you watch week 17 highlights from last season (2018) when Carolina played New Orleans and Kyle Allen got the start, Allen thre to Moore for a TD. Just food for thought.

Curtis samuel seems interesting this week for sure

Week 17 as in the last game of the season where New Orleans probably didn’t play a lot of their starters?

anyone on this post rekon Cam Newton could be dropped if Kyle Allen puts up some good numbers?

Idk if I could drop him . I’m dealing that decision in one of my leagues