Thoughts on D'Onta Foreman

Just wondering what everyone’s thoughts are on Foreman. I just dropped Mike Williams to add him as a stash play in .5 PPR league. My thought was that WR are easier to find on waiver then RB. Foreman was showing well last year until his injury and thus far Miller and Blue have not looked special. Foreman could potentially become a starting running back for the second half of the season.

I don’t mind the pick up. I think Mike Williams has the higher chance of relevance, but running backs are vital. Foreman is walking into a solid situation with underwhelming performers ahead of him and a high powered offense. That being said, the Texans are likely to air it out a lot this year, and Foreman isn’t much of a receiver, and also is coming off an absolutely brutal injury. You have to be prepared for the fact that there is a legitimate chance he never has any impact in fantasy. Still worth the upside stash though if you need rb help.

Depends on IR slots and bench spots and the depth of both your RB’s and WR’s.

I have IR slots and a 7 man bench and I even drafted him. Just about the opportunity cost. With such a deep bench it’s so low for me and his upside is definitely at least a mid pack rb2

I feel like I have good depth:

RB: TG3, CMC, J. Howard, K. Johnson, James Conner, Ronald Jones

WR: Thielen, OBJ, J. Landry, Doug Baldwin

TE: T. Burton, G. Kittle (I know, I know 2 TE)

QB: Rivers