Thoughts on draft strategy

I’m in a 12 team standard keeper league with the 8th pick. I’ve been mock drafting with taking Julio or Odell in that spot but feel that I’m coming in fairly weak with RB depth despite having Zeke and Kamara as keepers.

I just did one with taking Cook at 1.08 and ended up with Baldwin and Cooper as my WR 1 and 2. Thoughts on this strategy if Cook or Fournette are there in the 1st? My main concern is what Kamara’s usage will be once Ingram is back.

Stick with a WR or go with a RB in the first?

Keepers for reference. Yeah the guy with Jordy is a moron, no need to point it out. He’s finished last 3 years in the row.

i wouldnt worry so much about kamara’s useage. its going to go up even with ingram back. his productivity should go down just because it was unsustainable but even still, if he ends up RB16 overall, that so so damn good for an 8th rounder. and that is what kamaras floor should be. around an RB2 middle of the pack if he drops in production. that being said, you can never have enough top end RB talent so if fournette is there, take him. thats a crazy good 3 headed RB monster. same time though, if someone like odell or julio falls to that spot, im taking them over fournette just because you are so solid at that spot. i would just be surprised if they do. bell, DJ, barkley, gurley, all being there might push one of them to you. chances just are not that great. that means one of them has to survive 3 more spots. julio might fall depending on how your league views him. but im willing to bet that fournette is who makes it to you.

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The funny thing is, I had Fournette and Julio last year. Almost missed the playoffs because of Fournette missing a few games when Zeke was on suspension.

If I do take Julio then I’m going to most likely be taking a RB in the 3rd. Im seeing options like Marshsawn, R Freeman, Ajayi, or Miller. I’m staying away from Drake and Collins. Too risky imo although so are the other three I suppose.

im the same way. drake and collins have great upside, but im not willing to take the risk solely because i am not sold on their usage. if they get it, great i think they will be fantastic. if they dont… well no one is really great with little usage unless your name is jamaal charles or alvin kamara cause you have to have ridiculous efficiency to be good with very little. at least for fantasy. i put ajayi in that same catagory as them. so i would be looking at freeman, miller, and marshawn. royce being my main choice. i have been low on him because i think he is a good, not great talent and i wasnt completely sold on his usage. im getting there now. plus lets say he does end up having a great season like a hunt. now you have a new fresh keeper option. otherwise lynch and miller should both get just as many touches making them valuable for a year.