Thoughts on Draft?

I feel like i got extremely lucky. Any thoughts for improvement?
10 team ppr, QBs given 6 pts per TD, $40 buy in

1.07 Antonio Brown
2.14 David Johnson (!!!) ((seriously))
3.27 Davante Adams
4.34 Jordan Howard
5.47 TY Hilton
6.54 Dion Lewis
7.67 Marvin Jones
8.74 Lamar Miller
9.87 Chris Hogan
10.94 Rex Burkhead
11.107 David Njoku
12.114 Philip Rivers
13.127 Chris Carson
14.134 Rashaad Penny
15.147 Chargers D
16.154 Wil Lutz

Lol how did you get brown and DJ :joy::joy:
But the WRs are stacked. Also set on RBs.
I would just keep my eyes open on waviers Incase someone gets dropped or maybe screw someone in a trade. Other than that congrats on the championship :joy:

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i honestly have no idea lmao QBs are amped up a bit so they went fairly early. I’ll start looking in on trades once the season gets going

I’m in a 2 QB 6 point TD league do I understand QBs being hyped up. But still over DJ in the second :man_facepalming: