Thoughts on drafting BOTH Gordon and Allen

12 team PPR

I have Keenan as a keeper and with my draft position I’ll be looking at either Saquon or Gordon as my first pick. If Saquon goes before me, my best RB choice will be Gordon.

It seems foolish to have the RB1 and the WR1 from the same team.

If I skipped Gordon I’d be looking at Fournette or McCaffrey who are in a lower tier. Also seems wrong…


I don’t really like stacking positions. Both players are elite but even still, i typically only stack QB/WR.

Could always go for another WR as well. I have Fournette and Gordon closer together than most. But if you actually believe it’s a full tier drop, Could always just pick him and then make a trade.

What other WRs will be available? I love opening WR/WR in drafts as well.

It’s a keeper league and many of the top RBs are gone before we even start. Johnson, Gurley, and Kamara are kept so not available. I was going to keep Allen in the 2nd and have 2 first round picks. At least 1 will be an RB. The other will either be Gronk, Beckham, Julio or another RB. It depends who falls. I hate the ide of stacking too, but I might hate the tier drop more.

OBJ / Julio / Allen stack would be pretty badass. Then you can just crush high upside RBs later in the draft.