Thoughts on dynasty trade

First year in a dynasty league and I am trying to weigh up a trade conversation:

I own Fournette, I am weak at TE.
Guy in my league wants Fournette, owns Kittle/Engram.

We aren’t interested in packaging any other players from our squads. What’s the best way to make this trade fairly balanced using future draft picks?

Kittle/Engram side should add a low 1st, high 2nd or two future 2nd rounders if possible. Next year’s draft should be 2 quality rounds deep and Fournette has concerns of his own so you have to weigh that in the price. I would definitely lean on the 1st rounder. I would personally target Engram as his path to major production is much more clear. He is the most dynamic pass catcher on the Giants and could be next year too.

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Thanks for getting back to me, I’d been thinking something along those lines but it was great to get a soundboard.

Got it. Engram and 2020 1st rounder. Thanks!

That’s a great deal I think