Thoughts on Elite Same-Team Duos

What’s the general consensus on taking two top guys from the same team, like within the first few rounds? I’m talking like Davante Adams and Aaron Jones. Dalvin Cook and Justin Jefferson. Tyreek Hill and Travis Kelce. DK Metcalf/Tyler Lockett and Chris Carson.

You get the idea. Steer clear of these or do you feel comfortable going this route? Keep finding myself with the Adams/Jones and Metcalf/Lockett/Carson conundrum in mock drafts but unsure if this is like an unspoken no-no or something.

When it’s elite talents at their position on powerful offenses I don’t worry about. Tyreek and Kelce is absolutely fine as is Adams and Jones or Jefferson and Cook.

Antonio Gibson and Mclaurin or Mixon and your favorite Bengals WR I would feel a bit less satisfied about as i’m not counting on being amongst top tier offenses. But overall having multiple of the rb/wr/te of one team doesn’t concern me much. Unless it’s Texans or something then I wish you best of luck in your soon plans for 2022

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