Thoughts on Gronkowski

So I’ve done a lot of mocks so far, I notice that Gronk has been going late 2nd, early 3rd in most, which is probably fair. I’m mock-picking 5th in a team league so more often than not he never even falls to me. But today was the first time he fell to me (in the 3rd I believe), and I was for some reason hesitant.

I know Gronk is the best fantasy and probably real-life TE in football, but at this point does his injury-risk outweigh his value? His recent injury history has me wondering if having him healthy for half the season is worth it over a dependable RB2 or WR2 that would be drafted in that same range, especially when (imo) there is still some quality TE talent to be had in later rounds, like Olsen, Burton, Doyle, Rudolph, Ebron, etc.

Maybe I’m just more bullish on WR-RB positions than TE, I dunno. I wouldn’t wanna use a top 2 pick on him, even if it was late 2nd round. What are everyone else’s opinions?

Disclaimer I realize there is an injury risk with every player you draft :slight_smile:

If Gronk is there in the 3rd, you jump on that like white on rice. 3rd for Gronk is absurdly disrespectful. I am fine taking him end of the 2nd as well. Like 2 years ago, this was someone who was consistently being taken in the bottom of the 1st round. Nothing’s changed. He’s always had injury risk but now it’s just totally baked in. There is no other player that gives you as big of a statistical advantage than gronk outside of the top 4 RBs.

Personally, I think Gronk is going to be league winner this year. Especially given the weapons they have in NE.

Yea, I don’t live taking a TE that early, but the truth is, if he plays 16 games, you’re almost certainly in the playoffs and a serious contender. When he was a top 15 pick, I was not interested, but in the mid 20s, you have to consider him.

For example, if I’m picking in the top 3, and can get a top 3 RB, Gronk, and then an early 3rd round WR (Cooper would be my pie in the sky pick), I’m over the moon.

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Agree. I’m someone who has typically never owned Gronk in years past cause he was too expensive, but this year, just like with WRs, I love him. I’m frankly tilted that I didn’t get more of him. Especially as a Pats fan. This is one of the few times were being a homer and drafting align…

I tend to agree with both. I guess I was caught off guard because in the 3rd I’m normally looking for a good RB2 or WR2 and wasn’t expecting Gronk to be available. 3rd round you have to take him. But for me, 2nd round (which this year for me would be 2.06 and 16th overall) that’s just too early for a TE, even one as great as Gronkowski. But I’m probably in the minority :man_shrugging:

I cannot stress this enough, IF you see gronk lasting till the 3rd, that is absolute robbery. He will outproduce every single WR and RB taken in that round.

16th overall, I agree there’s others I would rather have. You said late in the 2nd though. Late 2nd means like around 20th pick or later.

What I said was on average I have seen him going late in the 2nd… in this particular Mock he fell to the third.

And yes I know my 2nd pick isn’t in the 20s, but 2.06 would still be considered the back half of the 2nd round.

It’s just a point of discussion; curious of everyone’s opinion on him – not saying I’m avoiding him or would pass on him in the 3rd or later.

EDIT: Also 20th or later would be the last pick in the 2nd and then third round

I’m with you there. I’ve picked 2nd and 3rd in drafts and jumped at the chance for gronk at the back of the second round. I didn’t want to risk the guys at the turn taking him. I had a 12 team league where I was 7 overall, and grabbing him middle second was too early for him. He will (if healthy of course) out produce every other tight end week in week out.

Didn’t know you were talking about 10 man leagues. Either way, opinion doesn’t change.

In a 12 man league, I’m typically thinking around 20ish for back half of 2nd.

Yea, I’d be comfortable in the 20s. Probably not before.

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