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Thoughts on having two players from the same team in the first 3 rounds


Round one: Ive been mock drafting quite a bit, my go to first rounder is McCoy, this is a standard league so RB is a high priority.

Round two: i have no preference here, If Michael thomas or TY are here, after that ill look at ajayi, murray, and sometimes gurley or miller.

Round 3: if i go RB in round two i will usually look at sammy watkins and Terrell pryor. If i go WR then i look at crowell unless lamar miller or gurley are here.

Round 4: i will look at sammy watkins again.

Moral: i find myself a lot seeing sammy watkins and mccoy on my team, how do you feel about having two players from the same team be the first three or four picks in your draft?


I’m not against it but I would not prefer it. It’s a low scoring offense that’s why. If it was the patriots or packers I wouldn’t be worried.


Mike nailed it. In high powered offenses, there is less risk in that approach.


Also, if you’re consistently seeing Watkins in the 4th then you really shouldn’t be considering him in the 3rd.