Thoughts on Howard?

I drafted Howard with my 15th pick thinking that he would be a beast this season but it looks like Cohen is going to get in the way of that.

My RB’s: David Johnson ):, McCaffrey, Cohen, Howard and Hunt
Should I trade howard? or should i just stick with him…

My WR: M. Thomas, Baldwin, Pryor, Jeffrey, Tate, Thielen, Kupp
My TE: J. Reed
QB: Mariota

I would like to get fournette but i dont know what the right price for him is

i just got offered Fournette for Howard should i do it?

I’d rather have Howard. I think he will still be the main RB in Chicago and they will just scheme plays to get the ball in Cohen’s hands because he is a play maker! I had Howard last year and got worried when he had like 2 bad games in a row and they started giving Carey more touches but then he finished the year with I think like 8 straight 100 yard games. I would not panic and roll with Howard he is a good back imo

Damn, i see your point. I watched jax games and I just liked fournette so much but ill pron hold on to howard for a bit longer

Take Fournette. He is the absolute workhorse on that team. Howard has Tarik Cohen stealing snaps and he just showed up on the Injury report with a shoulder problem.

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Yah I love Howard, but I’m not sure I could turn down the Fournette offer. It’s tough because they both play on pretty bad offenses with sub par QBs but the Jax D is no joke and will keep games closer which equals more running.

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