Thoughts on Jameis Winston's dynasty value?

I’m thinking of trading Jameis Winston in a .5ppr dynasty format. I have Goff who is gonna be my road dog and Alex Smith and I need to upgrade at WR and RB I wanted to get a sense of what his value is amongst the footclan.

I appreciate you all, I’ve gotten some great advice on here :football:

I wouldn’t give up that much for him tbh. He has upside for sure, but I’m not convinced he will ever live up to it. Plus there are plenty of QBs out there.

I think you could find a believer and get a decent haul if you package with some other players. Great young talent with lots of other young talent around him.

He plays like discounted version of Cam Newton. Potential is high but he hasn’t delivered to expectations. He has a ton of talent around him. If he learns how to use them, he will be really good. Time will tell but if you get him fairly cheap, you really can’t go wrong.

I would put all 3 guys on the market (I value them about the same) and take your favorite/best deal.