Thoughts on Josh Doctson?

Not sure what Doctson’s dynasty value is, I feel that he could be a breakout candidate but dont have confidence that the opportunities will be there.

Meh. He’s a decent shot at a break out year, but I’m not super confident. His calling card has been contested catches, and Smith doesn’t tend to throw into tight windows. He’ll likely need to separate more than he has to this point if he’s going to get a lot of volume. He has the athletic profile to do it. We just haven’t seen it yet.

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I think @DFWB summed it up well. You can take a shot at him for sure, but at this point I want to see it before I jump in.

Agree with @DFWB. I think that’s part of the reason why he has not broken out yet either. Kirk cousins also likes guys who get separate and are good route runners vs tossing it up for grabs. If Docston was on Lions, I would love him a lot more.

Having said that, isn’t much talent on that roster receiving wise and this is his first year where he will have a realistic shot at taking that #1 spot from the get go.

How would you compare Doctson with Corey Davis and Devante Parker? They are all big-bodied receivers with hype as potential breakouts and they were drafted in consecutive years. I’m personally done with the Parker hype train, but is what separates these three their QBs or is one of them simply more talented than the other 2?

Those 3 receivers you just named are pretty far apart imo. Corey davis is my #1 guy and have him well above doctson and parker. Parker has shown me nothing in his entire NFL career to show that he has the ability to be successful at a high level. Couldn’t run a route to save his life and also has injury problems.

Between Doctson and Parker is closer. I like Doctson’s ability and talent more, he’s shown flashes. But Parker should have more opportunity, although I don’t think he has as much opp as everything making it out to be. I think Wilson/Stills are going to eat heavily into the target share there. I’d prolly still take Doctson over Parker but I may be in the minority there.

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