Thoughts on JuJu

I know the GUYS are high on him now that AB is gone. And it makes sense. BUT…Brees is prob on his last legs/year, and yes…I know Brees is Brees…BUT…just really curious what y’alls thoughts are on JuJu this year. I’ve got really GOOD thoughts concerning him, at least for the start of the year (since I’m really worried about Brees being able to make it through the whole season)…but…what are y’alls thoughts…at least at this point??? TIA CLAN!!!

Are you asking about JuJu or MT? Brees being on his last year has no impact on JuJu cause he plays for steelers. Big ben probably only has a couple more years left but that’s still a decent amount of time.

I love Juju! But idk who you’re talking about here. Have you been drinking? Jk lol

OK. LOL…somebody just slap me. Yeah, I know JuJu is with the Steelers, hence my reference to AB, but…LOL…can’t believe I kept saying Brees. And yes I know he’s the Saints QB. I’ve been playing FFB for years. Sorry y’all……reckon just call it one of those “senior moments” (I’ll be 60 in a couple of months). I’m not nuts…I promise. But thanks for responding…even if you thought you must be dealing with an idiot. :roll_eyes:

And yes, @MikeMeUpp, I actually meant kinda concerned about Roethlesberger being able to make it through the year without serious injury.

Best case scenario is he’s a top 5 wide-out as he’s projected to be this year. He moves around from the outside and inside to get mismatches and exploits them. He takes the next step and comes down with more deep balls this year and shows improvement in his ability in beating man to man coverage and double teams.

Worst case scenario is Ben gets hurt, their defense is great and they just run the ball all the time limiting JuJu’s touches.

I don’t think either of these are likely. Currently his ADP is in the first half of the 2nd round in PPR. I can’t justify drafting him that early so I won’t have much JuJu this year. You’re paying for his upside+ceiling drafting him that early. I’d rather go for Mixon/Cook/Conner/Chubb if they’re available or just go for an elite TE.

TY @keith_ferguson…that’s kinda where my thoughts were when I posted this. Definitely food for thoughts in your comment. That’s exactly what I was looking for when I posted this. Appreciate your feedback here. Hoping to hear from others about this. HUGE THANKS @keith_ferguson.
AND again…sorry for the confusion y’all in my initial post!!! SMH

I think people are overvaluing JuJu. In dynasty, he is frequently going in he top 10. People just assume AB leaving means more targets to JuJu. There isn’t much more room there to grow. He already had 161 targets last year, which was top 3 in the league. AB leaving most likely means they go towards more a run focused offense rather than having Big ben throw it 680 times a season. AB was the best receiver in the game. When you lose that, you adjust your game plan. Personally I’m not really drafting JuJu at his ADP, especially given that he is actually pretty bad in the redzone from an efficiency perspective and still can’t beat press or man coverage like AB. JuJu needs to remain in the slot and will likely finish at or around where he was last year. Not much higher imo