Thoughts on Kamara ROS?

I know he played well with Ingram around last year, but Monday’s game was rough. Wondering if I try to move him, or make a move, for someone in a more secure role - e.g., Elliot?

Elliot owner has Watson at TE, so wondering if I offer Kamara and Olsen for Elliot? OR come in lower with D. Freeman and Olsen for Elliot? Their other RB is Mixon (and they have Coleman for a handcuff). My other TE is Ebron which has been solid so far.

Standard scoring

His role is secured. He has been playing hurt for a couple weeks. Ingram has fresh legs so they wanted to use him and let Kamara rest. Also, they totally blew out Skins so didn’t even need kamara. Don’t read much more into it than what it is.

Kamara is a stud, keep playing him.

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That is where I ultimately land on Kamara - SO, would you offer D. Freeman and Olsen for Elliot and see what happens?

You can offer it, doubt anyone would accept it…
but you never know anything can happen - give it a shot…

I mean you can offer it, but that’s a pretty steep lowball. As a zeke owner, I wouldn’t even respond.

Fair enough :slight_smile: - I look over the numbers and hadn’t full realized that Freeman has scored less than 10 fantasy points overall… will hold for now and hope for a couple good games to increase value