Thoughts on KDrake?

Was wondering what everyone thinks about Drake after 3 weeks… I’m very disappointed on his output so far. I’m Also shocked at how little he is used in the passing game. What does everyone else plan to do with him? I need to vent about it a bit lol

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It is frustrating, but I still think Drake’s breakout is coming. ARI was playing from behind all game (3 Murray INTs), so they sort of had to abandon the run game a little bit.

Today just seemed like a weird day for fantasy.

I do think he will have better games, but I was expecting such better efficiency and better passing game work. Even more red zone success but Kyler seems to take a lot of that. It did seem to be an odd day overall though.


Yeah Murray struggled from the start against DET. Last week and this week, Drake had decent rushing numbers (86 yds and 71 yds) but no TD in either game soured his decent rushing numbers.

If he would have scored at least 1 TD in each of the last 2 games, I think we are not talking about Drake.

On top of that Murray has 4 rush TDs in 3 games, that is a pace of 24 to 26 rush TDs. This would obliterate Newtons record by 10-12. I dont see Murray keeping that pace and ARI needs to start trusting Drake in the red zone.

His scoring has been frustrating but his usage is outstanding. The beginning of this season has been bonkers with WR scoring and I think defenses are still figuring things out.

Drake is still a buy low because only so many guys get 20 touches a game and you have to enjoy shear volume. Hopefully he’ll get into the end zone a little more frequently and not be the next Julio

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FWIW, I have not been in on Drake. I thought last year had flashes and then weeks of nothing special. IMHO he looks, on average, better than last year. I think the biggest thing is how you viewed him. If you bought into him as a RB1 then you are bummed. If you thought he was a mid to back tier RB2 then you are getting what you thought. Unfortunately it sounds like you thought he was a locked in RB1, which is pretty common. It makes sense you’d be frustrated.

TDs are not dependable (duh). I think he was on an unreasonably high end last year. Granted I thought similarly of Jones and he’s killing it, so it is possible. I suspect some TD love will come his way.

Now with Hopkins in town, the passing landscape changed quite a bit more than I would have expected. I think Drake is seeing some fallout from that in the passing game. I had expected the wide distribution to continue.

At this point you likely cannot do much with him as everyone else is seeing what you are. I know you are not looking for insight as much as venting. I’d ride this out. I think his TDs will come and for now the usage is promising. He might see the uptick in passing but I’d not hold my breath on that. Perhaps start thinking of him as an upside RB2/3 will make it easier?

Again, I suspect you took him or view him as a much stronger play than that, but for me adjusting my expectations on players as the year unfolds helps me come to peace with players on my roster. OBJ would be my prime example :confused:

Not sure any of this helps, but hopefully there is something useful.

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Yeah, I drafted Drake to be my RB2 with Jacobs as my RB1.

As I stated earlier, Drake has had decent rush yds, just Murray has been vulturing TDs away from Drake.

Also, this year so far, passing and receving TDs are king right now. The sheer amount of receiving TDs that is happening is at an absurd level. As well as rush TDs seem to be scored by QBs rather than RBs so far this year as well.

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