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Thoughts on Keeper Options? and first round pick


Pick two.

Brady with the 5.2
Crabtree with the 6.11
Watkins with the 7.2
Prescott with the 15.2

12 team PPR defending last years championship!

Also at the #2 pick I am looking at DJ or Zeke since Bell is being used as a keeper and 1st overall pick is a huge steelers fan so i figure he is taking Brown.

PS> I am a huge cowboys fan…


Crabtree and Watkins to keep and go RB for your start.


I’d take Crabtree and Watkins. You might be able to still get Brady in the 5th if you want or find a QB equally as valuable as Dak late in the draft.

I try not to let my fandom get in the way of drafting, but take Zeke if you really want one of your favorite players. He probably won’t get back to in the 2nd i’m guessing. But in a full PPR I would definitely take David Johnson even if Zeke doesn’t receive a suspension.