Thoughts on Kenyan Drake

I’m flipping back and forth between wanting to keep Kenyan Drake in my dynasty, and trying to maximize his value in a trade. I don’t really think Frank Gore and Kalen Ballage are going to take that many carries from him. Alot of people say he’s too small and won’t be durable enough, but Gase seems to like him alot and he did GREAT last year when he had his chance.

Would you Trade Kenyan Drake and 2.1 for 1.5, 2.7, and 2.11?
At 1.05 i’d be looking at someone like Ronald Jones, Royce Freeman, or Nick Chubb.
It’s a standard scoring league and Drake is currently my #4 RB.

It’s a 12 team league, if that means anything.

I think he’s a really good player and I think he’s going to get the vast majority of the work, with Gore sprinkled in. Balladge is a developmental backup imo. There are reports that Drake has put on weight in expectation of a bigger role. As for that trade, it depends on what you think of the rookies. Imo, there’s a big drop off after 2, and a bigger one after 3. Not an awful trade, but I think it’s a risky one.

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If he’s your RB4, I’m assuming your top 3 are pretty solid. I think Drake is a great athlete and will likely do just fine this year. However, I think that guys like Jones, Freeman, and Chubb will be better than him going forward

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