Thoughts on Lamar Jackson?

I’m thinking of stashing Lamar Jackson, my team is 7-2 at the moment and I have Mahomes and Cousins as my QBs, would u drop Jackson for Cousins with Flacco hurt and the possibility that he takes the starting job and he has a great fantasy playoff schedule

Drop Elijah McGuire/Mike Davis/Sutton or Cousins???

Mahomes would never be benched I would just stay where ur at.


I’m just worried that they might rest him in the last 2-3 weeks

Even if they do you have Cousins. I consider Cousins a buy low now if you’re in the QB market. I don’t think there’s any chance Jackson is better than Cousins this season. I’d keep what you have

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Agreed that you’re only going to play him in the event of an injury to Mahomes, and Cousins is a better one week fill in who you can count on. I’d only pick him up to block someone, or to flip him… which could work. Would have to know your full roster to pick a drop, but I’d drop McGuire unless you’re playing him this week, cus he’s on bye next week so you may be able to scoop him back up. Davis could be a great start this week if Carson sits. I’ve got both of them… I’m gonna try to pick Lamar up myself, then I’ve gotta drop one of these guys… R Freeman, J Richard, E McGuire or Baldwin? Keeping Davis for this week. I’m in a standard league.

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Oh, and I’m gonna drop my kicker to pick up Lamar… then drop McGuire (probably) on Sunday am (so nobody can get to him) then see if I want to scoop him back up just before his bye. Or drop Baldwin??? He’s my fifth WR, but his playoff schedule looks good

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I’d probably drop Baldwin I feel like he’s pretty useless since he’s been hurt all year. My RBs are Kamara Chubb AP McGuire and Davis. I’d try to keep them just cuz AP was my 2nd best RB but his O line fell apart

I’m in a similar boat but I have Cam as my sole QB and there really is nothing left on waivers, certainly not with a good playoff schedule.

Is Jackson worth a roster spot until we hear on Flacco as some Cam insurance if he gets to play ROS for the Ravens or just stash other guys like Josh Adams for this week and see what happens there instead?

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I’d just try to do whatever makes things worse for your opponents if nobody is going to realistically be starting for you anyway (ie Jackson over Cam won’t be happening presumably. But maybe someone else needs him). But if you need a possible season saving flex option (very Long shot) then it prob makes sense to pick up someone like Adams.

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Thanks man I’m leaning the Adams way. I’m pretty loaded and I’m torn between stashing Adams and starting the Jags and hoping or streaming the packers this week and holding the Jags for their playoff run (I won’t get them back if I drop them)

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Is your record alright? I’d stick with the Jags personally, add Adams, etc.

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7-2, I’ve also faced CMC and Juju to kick off this week and the guy still has Gurley to play. I’ve only played Cam so I’m down 30 something. Virtual lock to get in, I’ve got a 3 and 4 game lead on all other chasers and this guy is in fourth place and I’m a game up there too so I’m good for third even if I lose this week. Play the two teams above me which are in decline over the next two weeks as well so could be top of the table after that.

Maybe I’ll hope for a big game but dial it in on DST and take the stash here

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Picked him up. Flacco won’t be arounfd fantasy playoffs and those matchups are too nice to pass up. KC, TB and LAC. Lamar could be the end of Season Fitzmagic.

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Fantasy Pros made an excellent point. As much as Tebow sucked he was perfect for fantasy. Top 10 QB. Lamar is better than Tebow. Tea leaves saying he could kill it ROS.

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Which would u rather have? Inconsistent Cousins or Lamar Jackson filling in only for a bye and if Mahomes sits any of the last games
I could also drop Sutton for Lamar I don’t necessarily need Sutton but i also don’t really need Cousins since I have Mahomes

Or which player would u rather drop between Sutton Mike Davis or cousins?

Crazy to see a lot of us in the same situation with Lamar stash, I already one guy asking for Lamar. I almost traded him for fitz this morning but after reading this I canceled trade, since I have mahomes too and the possible sit situation.

I stashed Denver for playoffs, should I pick up the jags instead? DST?

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Was wondering if if I should claim Jags or stick with Vikings ROS. Just wondering what others thought

I think you have to start Cousins. He’s good enough for a bye. Lamar does have a lot of upside though with his schedule and run ability so it depends on your matchup and the goal. Is it to earn the bye? Is your opponent any good? What is best in life to achieve your goal.

For me I’m trying to earn the bye in a razor tight race. Lamar is a good play for me. If it does not work out I can also totally live with it. I’m still in the playoffs and did my best to earn the bye by not being conservative.