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Thoughts on Lamar Jackson?


Would u drop Cousins tho? Or possibly just drop Sutton or Mike Davis?


I would grab him. He’s fun to watch and end of the day that is what it is all about. Have some fun and enjoy watching some Lamar. He’s actually a good QB otherwise he would be riding the pine. They have been putting him in the game. No other team has that going on except the Saints. Taysum Hill is worthless for fantasy but a blast to watch. I say enjoy the moment. Nothing is saying he will be a complete bust.


Drop Cousins. Then if you trade Lamar, get another back up QB in return (along with something else). Cousins isn’t going to play as long as Mahomes is healthy - and I’d much rather play against Sutton than Lamar! Lamar could go off.


Also, the FFootballers mentioned a month ago that if Lamar ever got the start, he’d be too good to pass up. I watched him in the pre season and he looked pretty bad, but I’ll trust the advice of Andy Mike and Jason when they all agree!


Kid is going to be a winner. He is humble like Tebow but with better skills. If he was not then why have they been putting him in the game. They trust him.


But hows his arm and accuracy?! i WORRY for john brown , even with his crazy good matchups coming up