Thoughts on Lat Murray

Any thoughts on Lat Murray with the Saints. Can he be the next Ingram? Currently he is my Rb 3/4 playing the flex spot. I have people interested in him. Just not sure where to value him with his new team.

I mean with the saints reluctant to give Kamara a huge workload I’d see his value as about the same as Mark Ingram last year. So a low RB2. The upside is probably in a Kamara injury that would lead to a uptick in rush attempts. Or a large number of short yardage touchdowns.

Murray isn’t really known for his receiving skills, So even if Kamara goes down I’d imagine he wouldn’t get much in the passing game.

What are people offering you?

Nothing worth looking into. I had the same thoughts about him fitting in nice as a cheap Ingram replacement. I will look to value him at the Ingram level and see if they are interested. I do like the idea of Kamara not being used a ton due to injury concerns. That would make Lat Murray somewhat valuable. Unless the offer is undeniably in favor of my side, i intend to go into the season with him in one of my 2 flex spots.