Thoughts on Mahomes?

I drafted mahomes in the final round of a draft. The guy has one hell of an arm and with that offense, I think he could be the real deal this year. However,
I ended up dropping him to stream Dalton this week.

Now that Bosa’s out, Mahomes is starting to look a bit better this week. Im worried that if I let him go to next week’s waivers, he’ll be worth some FAAB, which I heavily depleted picking up Morris after losing McKinnon.

Would you risk playing mahomes this week just to have him going forward?
Or would you drop Penny, DJ Moore, Lockett or Gillislee to stash Mahomes?

depending on your rb situation i drop gilly to stash mahomes, who i dont play until week 3. bosa being out doesnt change much of the matchup disadvantage for him, and you should definitely be starting dalton this week but i think mahomes should be a definite stash.

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RBs are Kamara, Drake, Coleman, Morris, Penny and Gillislee.

There is no chance, I’m playing mahomes this week away at chargers.

I’d rather play Dalton. To be honest, there aren’t that many good matchups for mahomes. If you’re scared, drop another player. Personally, I think QB streaming is fine. Dalton is more than serviceable for half the year. EVen if you lose Mahomes, not really a big deal. I don’t see him as an improvement to what smith was last year.

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Mike how you feeling about Dalton Vs Mariota?

For week 1

Mind you T-storms in Mia. likely

Been struggling with this decision myself. I like the match-up, but I don’t like how mariota has been developing and learning the offense so far. His footwork is horrendous and he typically sucks when playing at away games whereas Dalton is the opposite. I am most likely starting Dalton over Mariota but I keep flipping back and forth.

My keepers had to be set at Aug. 1 so I had Wentz kept in this league for a $1… I am kind of scrambling to stream… I got Mariota going but I am second guessing it. Tyrod is available but it’s tough for my to put my faith in him (maybe I’m wrong) Luckily he has Jimmy G vs the Vikes, so I think either way I go with the stream the points should neutralize if its a dud of a start.

Tyrod is a fine stream as well. Weather there is pretty questionable though so gotta see if game gets pushed.

How are you feeling about Goff this week? Mack being gone from Oakland sure makes him a tempting stream.

Goff is fine too. Oakland’s defense is trash. Goff typically thrashes bad teams, which Oakland definitely is.

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Should have went with my gut on this one…

Yep. I’m eating crow on Mahomes everywhere. Mahomes/Hill my biggest miss of the offseason. But it was also the one I was most scared about missing coming into the season.

You win some you lose some, that’s fantasy.

Alot of people did. I drafted him in the second last round.

Owner has Rodgers. How much would you offer for him?

I’m personally stil lnot going too crazy on them. I just prefer to have skill positions still. If you want offer up one of your bench RBs or WR for him, go ahead. I wouldn’t really try and buy him right now though. I do think he’s the real deal for sure but hard to be better than 6TDs. Probably going to wait a couple weeks for his tougher matchups before I go to crazy breaking the bank on a QB.